About Us

Darby Visions has been created by Leo and Lorna Darby.    Both have come to photography later in life as a form of recreation but now it is an obsession.   The more we learnt the more excited we are to explore and develop.  Let us know what you think of our photos.

Lorna Darby has an Arts Degree, Diploma in Fine Arts, Computing and Education and a Masters in Education.   Retiring from Education Lorna has returned to Art, focussing on photography. Lorna loves Night, Street and composite photography. Capturing and expressing light and its to tell a story.   “Moments just demand to be captured and expressed through digital imaging…”

Leo Darby has an Arts and Science Degree, Diploma in Computing and Education and a Masters in Education.   Now his focus is photography developing his skills over a number of years.  It is his absorbing passion.  From the first time he held his first DSLR eight years ago Leo has become obsessed with landscapes, wildlife and urban architecture.  He likes to experiment with macro photography and unusual angles.  Photography relaxes and inspires Leo as he looses himself in his vision.

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